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Brisbane Air Conditioning Specialists

Air Elite Group is Brisbane’s leading air conditioning, electrical, and refrigeration specialist for all your commercial and residential air conditioning needs. Air Elite Group specialises in design, supply, repairs, and services. A local business that provides superior industry knowledge and quality craftsmanship at an affordable price.

Air Elite Group works with reputable brands such as Fujitsu, Daikin, Hair, and many more. Air Elite Group are the Brisbane air-con specialists and provide aircon installation and servicing for ducted, multi and split system air conditioning.

Businesses and families have been turning to Air Elite Group for years, helping solve their aircon needs.

Their qualified and trained staff are equipped with the latest air conditioning, refrigeration and electrical knowledge to ensure that your home or business is taken care of. All their work is performed by licensed and qualified specialists ensuring that your air conditioner is installed correctly and covered by warranty if anything was to go wrong.

If you’re looking for a local business that you can trust, experienced staff that know the industry. Get in touch today and one of our friendly team will be more than happy to assist you.

Air Elite Group has over 10 years of experience in residential air conditioning projects. The operation and installation of a residential air conditioner can be a costly exercise if the right planning and systems are not implemented. 

At Air Elite Group we acknowledge Brisbane’s diverse climate and consider the layout of your home. The harsh hot summers and cool winter nights can leave you feeling uncomfortable and agitated, which encourages residents to install air conditioners themselves. With so many options available in the market and the predetermined idea that air conditioning is expensive this is a theme we see all too often. If you are confused about where to start give us a call today.  

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Residential Air Conditioning

ducted air conditioning

Ducted Air Conditioning

Ducted air conditioning works using a refrigerant which is moved through the air conditioner, an internal coil is installed in the roof cavity of your premises and this is treated as a central point designed to circulate hot/cool air in a room. The concept of ducted air conditioning is to cool/heat up rooms using a number of ducts that all come from one central location.

Ducted air conditioning has many positive features such as being aesthetically pleasing and cost-efficient. Ducted air conditioning gives you complete control of your tempertuare in the home or via individual rooms using zoning .

Wall Mounted Split Systems

The other commonly known style of residential air conditioning is split systems. A split system air conditioner has both an indoor and outdoor component, hence the name split system. The cyclic process begins by pumping a refrigerant gas in the compressor situated outside. As the pressurised gas makes its way through the pipes it transforms to a liquid form which later converts to a gas and passes through the evaporator coils and blower on the inside. The air continues to circulate through the air conditioner until a set temperature is reached at this point the network automatically shuts off.

Split system air conditioners are an easier unit to install, run quietly and are great at maintaining an energy efficient home.

Multi Head Split Systems

Control Systems

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Commercial Air Conditioning

Living in the sunny state capital of Queensland you can expect to face some intense summer heat during the day. Commercial properties generally require special consideration and planning for their complex systems. When it comes to making a decision you can often be overwhelmed with choice and price. If you make the wrong decision it can end up costing the business. Air Elite Group specialises in multi, split, and ducted commercial air conditioning systems for all budgets. Working with a variety of trusted and reputable brands Air Elite Group is your commercial air con specialist. Qualified and trained to provide design, repairs, and services for Brisbane’s commercial air conditioning market you can be sure that your staff will be sitting in comfort.

Our range of air conditioners is ideal for any solution or property. The ducted air conditioning unit will provide comfort to the entire office or can be individually zoned. Ducted air conditioning systems can be installed using an outdoor or indoor unit. Air conditioning is designed to look sleek and modern and use less energy. Contact us Today for a free quote.

Servicing Air Conditioning Systems

Air Elite Group is equipped and ready to help with all your home or business air conditioning and electrical needs. 

Stay tuned for a full list of our services. Coming soon. 

Cassette Systems

Ducted Air Conditioning Systems

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